Where should your air conditioner be positioned?

Many customers want their aircons up and running as soon as possible, especially when it gets really hot. It’s important to note that the positioning of your air conditioner plays a key role when it comes to cooling or heating your space.

Take the time to consider these factors:

The air flow should be considered

An aircon should ideally be positioned to compliment the natural air flow in your room. Placing the air conditioner near doors or windows that are opened or closed regularly could disturb the performance of your aircon.

Air Conditioner Position

If furniture is blocking the flow of air, the air conditioner will also not operate at its full potential. The air should be distributed through a room with limited obstructions.


Try to stay away from heat points

Your aircon is likely to have a thermostat that regulates temperature. This allows the aircon to control the temperature and adjust itself accordingly to maintain the desired temperature. Heated points like kettles or even direct sunlight can impact the temperature regulation. Always try to position your aircon in a neutral area, away from appliances that create heat or direct sunlight.

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