Alliance 12KW Direct Heating Commercial Heat Pump

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Alliance’s Direct Heating Heat Pump range is the ideal economical hot water solution for hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, hostels, factories offices etc. An electronically controlled Expansion Valve
(EEV) ensures a constant supply of water at a pre-set temperature, with a settable range of 40°C – 60°C (factory default setting: 50°C). Intelligent control algorithms ensure that the internal flow rate of the refrigerant is optimized via the EEV to deliver unmatched efficiency and stable outlet temperature even in low winter ambient conditions. Water heating can take place any time of day or night (i.e., when electricity demand is low), as well as during cloudy or rainy weather. Backed by Alliance branches in all major metropolitan areas.



Product Description

  • Electronically controlled Expansion Valve controls internal flow rate to ensure constant high water outlet temperature
  • Max. water temperature 60°C
  • Advanced pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger for maximum energy efficiency
  • Scroll compressor type
  • Backed by Fourways Group nationwide