INVT Residential Inverters 8kw Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (Low Voltage)

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INVT iMars BD series inverter is a new generation of photovoltaicenergy storage products based on the idea of intelligent and maintenance free,which integrates many functions such as charging, energy storage, photovoltaic,BMS battery management system and so on. It can automatically identify the offgrid / grid connection mode and connect to the smart grid to achieve peak loadand valley demand.

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1. Efficient

  • Support on-grid charge/discharge and off-grid mode
  • 10ms seamless switching.

2. Simple

  • Small size, light weight, convenient for installation

3. Reliable

  • Integrated professional BMS
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium battery
  • IP65 Protection, natural cooling.

3. Smart

  • Friendly HMI, large LCD display
  • Optional diesel engine communication interface
  • Integrated global monitor management, APP with one-button registration
  • Intelligent charging and discharging to extend battery life.