Deye 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter-VOC:500V Battery:48V CT & Wifi incl

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The Deye 5kW Hybrid Inverter is a high-quality hybrid inverter that allows for off-grid and grid-tied systems. This inverter has a built-in solar charger, which helps increase efficiency and end up saving you money on your system cost.

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Deye 5kW Hybrid Inverter is a smart choice for convenient home power in places with little or no access to the existing grid. An innovative combination of a diesel generator and solar, the system produces 5kW of power from solar energy and has an automatic transfer switch to ensure that your inverter operates automatically when you have access to the grid.

  • It’s  is a smart power solution for your home.
  • It’s a hybrid inverter, meaning it can use both solar and grid to create power.
  • NRS-097 Approved.

Power: 5kW (5000W).
Type: Pure Sinewave Inverter.
Max PV (Watts): 6500W
Number of MPPT: 1+1.