Magneto 200L Elite Hot Water Heat Pump – WIFI Smart Home Function

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Thermal Low Pressure Integrated Heat Exchange System

By replacing the traditional water geyser element with a heat exchange system you can produce 3kW with 750W of energy consumption.

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  • Heat pump system heats water to 60 degrees
  • Super energy efficient – Heat pump uses only 750W of electricity
  • Delivers hot water  equivalent to a 200L geyser
  • Unique heat-exchange coil to ensure municipal water pressure
  • Wi-Fi and Smart Home functionality
  • Safe, low-pressure tank eliminates explosion risk
  • No limescale build-up
  • Complies with Smart Energy building code
  • Back-up element for boosted water temperature up to 70 degrees
  • 3 year warranty on the electrical components and compressor

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